Monday, May 17, 2010

A Day Without Diabetes

Sorry this is posted a day late. My brother's big graduation ceremony was yesterday and we spent a lot of time with his friends and friends' families. So much fun. My mom and I are heading over to the Joslin to see the eye doctor. Wish me luck! By the way, I haven't had a chance to reread this post so it very well could be just ramblings. My parents are heading back to my house with my this afternoon and regular blogging will return.

Today is the last day of Diabetes Blog Week. Not going to lie...I'm going to miss having each day's blog topic all set out for me. I'm so glad this has been such a success.

Today's topic:

Sunday 5/16 - Dream a little dream - life after a cure. To wrap up Diabetes Blog Week, let’s pretend a cure has been found. We are all given a tiny little pill to swallow and *poof* our pancreases are back in working order. No side effects. No more insulin resistance. No more diabetes. Tell us what your life is now like. Or take us through your first day celebrating life without the Big D. Blog about how you imagine you would feel if you no longer were a Person With Diabetes.

 This topic is by far the hardest one for me to write about. I mean I can't begin to count the number of times I've thought about not having diabetes but the thought is quickly brushed aside. I've had diabetes for most of life so it is hard to even think about life with out diabetes.

I would love to think that I wouldn't go carb crazy but I think I would have a brief moment of carb overload. Mmmm cupcakes! 

No testing.

No highs.

No lows.

No needles.

The thing that would be the most amazing would be knowing I didn't have to constantly worry that a high blood sugar was causing damage to my body. Complications are scary and not to have to worry or think about them would be amazing.

While all those things seem like an amazing dream part of me will be sad. Odd, I know but think about it. Diabetes is a part of me. It is like my brown hair. One piece of me. Like Kerri at Six Until Me says, Diabetes doesn't define me but it helps explain me. Having diabetes brought out an inner strength in me that I may or may not have had I not been diagnosed. Diabetes has taught me to listen to my body, I mean really listen. I'm constantly doing self-checks to make sure everything is ok. Hard to imagine not doing that everyday. Diabetes has also introduced me to the D-OC.

Life without diabetes is hard to imagine.

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  1. I do agree there would be a certain sense of loss. How could there not be when it's such a big part of our lives. But it's a loss I would be happy to experience!

    Happy graduation!!