Monday, July 12, 2010

Evil Coke

Hello, my name is Adriana and I'm a Diet Coke addict.
If I'm not drinking water I'm drinking diet coke. There is just something about diet coke that gives it a special place in my heart. Yes, I know it isn't the best drink out there for me but it sure is a treat. The best is fountain diet coke. refreshing. The problem is that sometimes my diet coke will get mixed up and actually be, gasp, regular coke! Oh the horror!  I always catch it right away and it doesn't have the chance to do any damage to my blood sugar.

Enter this past Friday and my track record get annihilated. 

Steve and I were grabbing a quick bite to eat before going to the movie theater to see The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo; I loved the book so I was super excited to see the movie. Maybe I can chalk up what happened to my excitement but I think the real reason was my stubbornness.

Upon being seated at the table I asked the waiter for a glass of water and a diet coke. He brings out my dĖ†rinks and I immediately go for the diet coke and take a great big swig of it. Hmm, not tasting totally right. Take another sip. Still not sure what is wrong with the diet coke so I ask Steve  to taste it. He absolutely hates diet coke. He couldn't figure out if it was diet or regular. I took another big gulp of it and couldn't figure it out so I decide to just stick to my water.

The thing is I was too embarrassed to have to waiter bring me another one. I have asked before but this time I got shy I guess.

When I look at the glass I noticed I drank about half of it! Ugh. I check my Dexcom and  see that I'm hanging out around 130-140 so I figure it was just a funky tasting diet. At the movie theater I ask Steve to get me another diet. When the movie starts I take a few sips of the diet coke and it again tastes off. Dex starts buzzing that I'm over 160. Well, maybe I shouldn't have anymore diet coke.  Right before the movie ended I looked at Dex and a number in the 360s glared back at me. Cue expletives going off in my head. Gave myself a quick bolus knowing I would be out of the theater within half an hour.

When we got to the car I  tested and was in the 370s. Time for a shot. Needless to say I felt yucky and was really pissed that half a glass of coke would do that to me. Good thing my blood sugar came down quickly.

In the late 80s, early 90s there was this product out that was a yellow strip of paper that you would put in your drink and if it came out a dark green there was sugar in the drink. Does anyone remember this? I wish I could find it because Friday night was miserable (aside from a great movie.)

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  1. That fear strikes me every time I'm not in control or can't see the person pouring my soda. I'll get it and then make whoever I'm with taste it to make sure its diet. If I don't know...I'll send it back or not drink it. Sorry you had issues but glad you enjoyed the movie!