Monday, March 22, 2010

Diabetes meet Vegas

As I mentioned in this post Steve and I were off on a long weekend trip for his 30th birthday. I surprised him with a trip to Vegas where my best friend S and her husband J were meeting us. All of us, except for Steve had never been.

We got there around 10pm Vegas time which was 1am for us. First thing we did after checking in was go to Margaritaville for a late dinner and margaritas. I opted for a Pomegranate Margarita and bolused. I ended up running high the rest of the night. Didn't have another margarita the rest of the time I was there. And I love margaritas!

I was prepared for lots of walking but boy oh boy was it tough on my feet but awesome on my numbers! We ate a lot but it didn't adversely affect my numbers which I was so happy about.

I had one of those I can't believe I'm doing this moments when I got low as Steve and I walked through Casino Royal. They have $1 margaritas so Steve went in to get one. As he was paying I felt like I was dropping, fast, so I checked out my Dexcom and low and behold I had a downward arrow and I was already low.  We were walking to the food court in the back of the casino but I needed something quick.

I grabbed Steve's margarita and took a few sips. Yes, I used a margarita to help raise my blood sugar. Not my finest moment but whatever, it worked. Especially since Steve was in the process of grabbing me some food and juice.

It was a great trip! I'm so glad we went despite my sore feet and blisters.

What crazy things have you done to raise your blood sugar during a low?

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