Monday, March 1, 2010

A Wee Bit of Frustration

By no means am I the perfect PWD.  In the 21 and a half years I've had diabetes I've gone through periods of not testing, not paying attention to my diabetes and only doing enough to stay out of the hospital. Hell, I was even "fired" by my very first endocrinologist, Dr. H, for non-compliance. There have also been periods where my A1c rocked and I was doing everything to keep it low.

During the periods of not taking proper care of my diabetes  it was never once about not knowing what to do or having the resources to do what was needed. In fact, thanks to all my mom's work I probably have way more resources at my disposal than most PWD.  Everything I needed was always right there.

In October when I started seeing my new endo, Dr. A. While Dr. E will always be there for me if I ever needed anything is always just an email away from helping me out I came to realize I needed to have an endo who was local and not 3,000 miles away. So off I went to Dr. A and got my A1c. I was a bit shocked at my results: 10.2%

Dr. A told me it was ok and we were going to work together to get it down.

46 days later it was down to 8.1% I was so impressed with myself. I figured that in 2 months I would have it down bellow 7% no problem

Except it didn't go down that much. About 10 days ago I saw Dr. A for a follow up. Before the appointment I checked my 90 day average on my meter and had an idea what my new A1c would be so I wasn't as shocked/upset by the news. 7.9% I told Dr. A that my guess was I would be 7.8% or 7.9% so I did a decent job guessing.

I know that I should be thrilled that in just over three months I went from 10.2% down to 7.9% but I am just not satisfied.

Now that I'm unemployed my days pretty much revolve 99 percent of the time around diabetes. In some ways it is fantastic but it also makes these highs I keep having just that much more frustrating. Sometimes I know why I'm high and there is a good reason. Other times I have no idea.

On Saturday Steve and I went out for an early dinner of tapas before heading to the movies to see Shutter Island. Before eating I was 106 so I bolused for my meal and took my shot of symlin. 2 hours after eating I was 106. Perfect!!! An hour later, during the movie, my Dexcom alarms saying I'm over 200. I test and I'm in the 250s.  I do a correction bolus and get back to watching the movie. (Good movie by the way!) A few hours later I'm back down in the 130s before bed.

I'm trying so hard for that A1c bellow 7%. My goal is to have it there when I get it tested again in May. It is just days like Saturday that get me frustrated and feel like throwing in the towel. Of course I realize I can't do that but sometimes it sure does sound appealing.

On Thursday I'm seeing the Physician Assistant/CDE at Dr. A's office. Hopefully she'll help me figure out why I am going up 3 hours after eating and how to help prevent it.

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  1. Sounds like you are well on your way to your goal! Good luck tomorrow!