Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Symlin Update

As promised an update on round 3 with symlin. For a recap on my experience with insulin read about it here.

I've been using symlin for the past month. Overall it has been great. The big side effect I dealt with in the past was nausea.

Nausea was the single reason I quit the trial the firs time around. The second time around I would have a nausea for the first few days of each new dosage. This time... no nausea. Well, that was true until this past weekend when out of nowhere I started to have some nausea. On Saturday Steve and I went out to breakfast but after eating left felling like I had swallowed an entire cow and felt nauseated for the next 2 hours. Sunday it was the same deal after brunch but this time it only lasted about an hour. Since Sunday I haven't had any nausea. Weird, huh?

Dr. A was concerned about going too low after eating so she only wanted me to go up to 30mcg before each meal. At my appointment with the PA/CDE she had me go up to 45mcg and change my carb to insulin ratios.

Immediately after eating my numbers are pretty good. In general my biggest problem is 3 hours after eating. the PA/CDE said that that is a result of basal issues but I'm thinking that when I have a carb-heavy meal I go up 3 hours after eating.

I'm using less insulin overall with is a big reason why I wanted to go back on the symlin.  So far I'm really glad I'm using symlin.

I see the PA/CDE in about 2 weeks and I'm hoping she'll let me raise my dosage. I'm reluctant to raise my basal anymore. As it stands I'm already on a ton of insulin and needing to refill the reservoir every 24-36 hours. Yeah. It stinks.

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