Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Taking Diabetes on the Road

Update on Dexcom: Despite sitting in a bag of rice for 26 hours the receiver has not dried out. I'm going to call Dexcom and order a replacement receiver. I miss it too much! I woke up feeling fine and tested to learn I was 63. Dex would have alarmed and woken me up!

Last week Steve had Friday off so we decided to go on a last minute road trip. We planned to be gone just one night so I didn't have to pack as many  diabetes supplies as I did for Vegas.

We packed up the car and headed down I-95 South on our way to Charlottesville, VA.

The drive was fun, but long since we decided to explore and take back roads. Once we got to Charlottesville we needed to walk around. We walked around the downtown mall and then drove around the town trying to find a hotel. Once we found one we had an amazing dinner and came back to the hotel to watch movies.

On Saturday we woke up early (for us) got some fresh fruit from Whole Foods for breakfast and drove over to Monticello, Thomas Jefferson's home. We walked around the gardens for a bit before our tour started.

Halfway through the tour of Jefferson's house I started to sweat like crazy. Then I started to get a little dizzy. I pulled out my dexcom and saw I was in the 70s with the arrow pointed straight down. UGH. I disconnected my pump and hoped the tour would be over soon. There was no food or drink allowed during the tour. Luckily the tour was almost finished and as I stepped outside I fumbled around and downed I don't know how many glucose tabs. Several minutes later Steve and I were able to get away from the group I tested and I was in the 60s. I must have been super low if I was only in the 60s after  bunch of glucose tabs!

 Once I was ok Steve and I got on the shuttle bus down to our car and we drove over to Michie's Tavern for lunch and a tour of the tavern. Next we headed over to Ash Lawn, James Monroe's house for a tour.

After the tour we went to Kluge's Winery to taste some wine and cheese. We split a flight of wine which was a good thing since we had a 2 1/2 hour drive home.

It was a fantastic weekend and even better since we had Sunday at home to run errands and relax. The only time the big D was an issue was my low at Monticello. I love road trips!

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