Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Living with Diabetes Day

Jess over at Sauceyredhead and I have been talking on twitter about an idea I had: Living with Diabetes Day. 

Back in the summer of 2007 4 members of Congress participated in the American Diabetes Association's Day with Diabetes. I was working on the Hill at the time and thought it was a great idea to have some of our legislators experience first hand what it is like to live with diabetes, especially when they are deciding on funding for diabetes research.

Over the past few weeks I've been thinking how important it would be for Steve to have a better understanding of what it is like to test before eating anything, to see how the foods affect you. Of course he sees me constantly testing, bolusing, counting carbs, treating highs and lows. He helps me count the carbs I'm eating. He is pretty involved in my diabetes care. Despite all that he doesn't know what its like to have a pump attached to him 24/7 or testing all the time. So why not have it try it out for 24 hours?

Many parents of children with diabetes have practiced giving themselves shots or worn an insulin pump with saline. I think it provides a lot of insight for the parents.

So here is the idea... get a group of bloggers together and have their significant others, themselves if they are parents, or friend to try living with diabetes for a day. Afterwards the blogger would write about their thoughts and the significant other, parent, friend would write about their experience and thoughts.

If you are interested in participating tweet me @adde9903 , leave a comment here, or send me an email at


  1. It's really sad that there people who's been battling with diabetes for some time but it's great that there are now treatments and medications available for their condition.

  2. Diabetes is really gripping our families. It's spreading like virus in our society.