Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Kickin' D-Booty

As I have mentioned before I am working my booty off to get in better control. Last week I was feeling burned out. After several days of having numbers higher then I wanted for no real reason I noticed I was starting to fall into old, bad habits: eating without testing, not testing as much, ect. Luckily, I was still giving myself insulin for the food I was eating and I was still testing 6 times a day. Nonetheless, slowly I was slipping back into bad habits.

I saw the Physician Assistant/CDE on Friday who made some basal and carb-ratio tweeks. Seeing her motivated me to get back on the horse and forge on.

Last week I was feeling like Diabetes was kicking my booty. The tide turned on Saturday. I woke with a blood sugar of 98 mg/dL and stayed right around there all day! At lunch I went down to 65 mg/dL but did pretty well after lunch. Although I did go up to 157 in the evening but came right back down. My average blood sugar for the day was 102 mg/dL!

Each time I tested Steve and I would high-five each other. He helped me counting carbs at lunch and dinner and went on a walk with me after lunch and after dinner.  I went to bed eeling like I won the battle that day.

As PWD we spend our days with diabetes constantly on our minds. Sometimes it is the center of our thoughts other times it is in the background but it is still there 24/7 and it can be very taxing. Days like Saturday prove to me that I am doing the right things and I can do this.

I love kickin' D-Booty!


  1. Continue kicking D-booty, your doing great!
    Kelly K

  2. You're right, it's always present for us PWD - but we do what we can! Keep the kickn' up!