Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The One Where the Tourists Take Over Washington

This past weekend was insanely fun and exhausting! Not only is it tourist season her in Washington, DC but the Cherry Blossoms are in bloom. This means Thousands upon thousands descend upon our Nation's Capital.

Friday night I met Steve downtown and we went to the Wizards vs. Bulls game. It was fun, although neither team is very good. Helped that Steve got the tickets for free! I was really good about not going carb crazy at the game so my blood sugar stayed pretty even all night! Question for you all: Do you test in public?

I am usually ok testing in public but at the game you are sitting so close to people I felt a little awkward. I used to hate doing anything diabetes related in public but now I don't really care except at the game Friday.

Saturday morning we woke up late and went out to brunch. There we decided that  we had never gone to the Cherry Blossom Festival even though we've seen the blossom in years past so why not hop on the metro and go. Easier said than done.

Got to the metro, parked and 20 minutes later and some very annoying tourists my metrocard had money on it and we squeezed ourselves onto the overly packed metro. Once downtown we were greeted by the masses.

It was a beautiful day and we had a lot of fun walking around looking at the Cherry Blossoms and tulips.

On Sunday, Easter, Steve and I got up and went to church then came home to relax a bit. At three we had brunch at the Key Bridge Marriott. They had an incredible spread but not as incredible as the view. We had a great table that looked right across the Potomac into Georgetown.

I went a little crazy at the dessert table but my blood sugar managed to be ok (thank you, symlin!).  Overall it was a great weekend!
(Sorry for the poor picture quality...took the picture in the dark with my iPhone. I was under 150 all day on Easter. Despite my attack of the dessert table at the buffet.)


  1. First off, I have to say thanks for the pictures...I've always wanted to see the Cherry Blossoms in DC. Someday I'll do it! Secondly, yes, I test in public. I also inject in public. I do it as discreetly as possible of course so as to not make people uncomfortable. The way I see it, if women can breastfeed in public (which I am ok with - for the record) then why should I feel ashamed about doing something that KEEPS ME ALIVE?! And if someone has a problem, I find a long, hard dirty look usually does the trick :)

  2. You know, I'm usually ok with testing in public too, but I know exactly what you mean about the seats! I'm crammed in there like a sardine, so it's hard even getting to my stuff without feeling like a real pain to my neighbors.

    Wonderful pictures!

  3. I know!!! They're EVERYWHERE! Gah!

  4. Love the tulips :)
    And yes, I test in public. And when I'm on MDI I inject wherever too. I do try to be discreet. I didn't always feel confident enough to do these things in public. But now? Have to. A 10 mth old in tow means I no longer feels self conscious about much :)