Monday, April 12, 2010

Thoughts on Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution

The latest obsession in our household is Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution. In reality, it shouldn't be much of a surprise to us that we like the concept of this show so much. You see, while Steve and I worked for a Member of Congress (yes, we worked together but that is another story)  he was in charge of food safety for the Member.  I actually worked with him a lot on the issue.

We learned a lot of stuff about our food safety, things part of me wishes I never learned. All the information I learned piqued my interest as well as Steve's. I've tried to everything I can to make sure we eat as healthy as possible. We still have not-so-good-for-you meals, but overall we eat a lot of organic healthy food. I try to keep a ton of fruits and veggies in the house. During the summer we go the the Farmer's Market so we end up eating a lot of local produce and meat.

Watching Jamie's Food Revolution has reconfirmed our commitment to try to eat non-processed foods as much as possible. We don't always, but overall we do a pretty good job.

It just boggles my mind how the USDA counts french fries as a veggie for school lunches. Or how all those kids in the elementary school barely knew what each vegetable was when Jamie was asking them.

I guess I was lucky growing up in Southern California and having a big garden where my mom grew most of our veggies and a lot of our fruits. We had amazing fruits and vegetables growing up. My favorite snack was fruit salad (just chopped up pieces of fruit thrown together with a splash of fresh oj) and I rarely ever complained about eating my veggies. I don't think I had a diet full of frozen and canned veggies until I moved to the Midwest for college. Frozen and canned veggies were very very rare in my parents house.

The thing about Jamie's Food Revolution that I think is so important is that it is showing America exactly what is causing the rise in Type 2 Diabetes. The show doesn't distinguish between type 1 or type 2 and  wish they would but that is not the center of the show. This show is all about food.

I don't believe in a diet for diabetes. I do believe in eating whole foods. I do believe in intuitive eating and moderation (if you are craving a pizza have a slice and a big salad.)

Have you been watching Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution? What are your thoughts on the show? What is your diet philosophy?

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  1. I agree - I don't follow a "diet for diabetes" either as I believe a helthy diet should be a goal for everyone, "sick" or not...

  2. Yes - been watching. I love it! I especially loved the flash mob! My oldest is working with his school nurse to start a revolution at his school and is planning a Food Revolution themed birthday party of all things! :)