Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Sometimes I Just Want to Punch Diabetes

Sometimes I want to just punch diabetes in it's invisible gut.  Since there is no gut to punch I do what I know how... do everything in my power to manage this disease.

There are days when despite my best efforts there will be high blood sugars. I work really hard to make sure my numbers are good but hey, shit happens and my blood sugars go up despite my hard work.

This was the case on Monday. I spent the day running high, a lot higher than I had been in over a month. Finally by dinner time I came back down to around 100 mg/dL so I was thrilled. Took my symlin, ate dinner, bolused for the carbs I ate and went on with my night.

About an hour after eating I started feeling low. Checked my Dexcom and confirmed with a blood sugar test. Treated and waited 15 minutes. Test. Damn still low. Wait another 15 minutes. Repeat for the next 2, oh yes 2 hours. As soon as I was in the 70s I thought I was in the clear but then I would drop back down to the 50s. It was a nightmare.

Diabetes brings a lot of challenges to my life but it has also taught me not give up when things get tough. Doesn't mean I don't want to take my pink boxing glove and give diabetes a big punch in it's gut.


  1. A good ol' one-two sounds about right to me. Good for you for keeping that attitude. I know it can be hard some days. And yet I really don't know, as I'm managing it at somewhat of a distance. Hugs to you. :)

    PS - How ironic that my word verification is "coping".

  2. Frustrating!! Stupid diabetes, I feel the SAME way!!!! Sorry about your lows :( That stinks BIG time

  3. Totally with ya on this! The picture makes me grin. :-)