Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Diabetes Police

The Diabetes Police seem to be everywhere. They usually are well intentioned but misinformed. DP (Diabetes Police) can be a real thorn in your side but as PWD it is important we learn how to deal with them.


I used to feel so weird and guilty when I would go out to eat with some new acquaintances who don't know much about me but do know that I have diabetes. Time would come to order dessert and the shocked look around the table when I would order and oh my god  actually eat it. But it's not sugar free?! She's going to die!

If I'm seen eating a piece of candy people start to judge me and tell me I can't eat that or they'll think I'm not taking care of myself. People I am taking care of myself. In fact I am working my ass off trying to be and stay healthy. Maybe that candy was for a low or maybe it was a craving I'm finally giving into. Or maybe it is because  sugar free candy  causes horrible gastrointestinal issues that I can't even look at it before I'm running to the bathroom clutching my stomach in pain.

The amount of grace and patience it takes to deal with unwanted and/or misguided Diabetes advice can take a toll on any person.

DP: You there, put down that cookie.

PWD: What? Who? Me?

DP: Yes you. You have diabetes and can't eat that.

Problem is, I don't think I know how to deal with them. I  mean after over 20 years with diabetes I should know; I should be a pro. But I'm not. A lot of the time I just brush it aside and just smile and nod. Other times I may seem like I'm just brushing it aside when in reality I'm telling them off in my head. The worst is when they give me sugar free candy. That stuff makes me so sick to my stomach. I would rather bolus for the carbs in regular candy and not get sick to my stomach.

How do you handle the Diabetes Police? What is the worst you've encountered?


  1. Once, a co-worker actually smacked my hand when I reached for a cookie. I was sooooo pissed!! I can have a cookie, jeez!!!

    I try to educate them, but sometimes people just don't get it. I will say my whole little one minute diabetes run-down, but then after, they just do the same stuff. Ugh.

  2. Great post on the D-Police, Adriana. We all have those in our lives at some point who fill these roles, and we do our best to educate and inform. Not always possible, though. I've got a blog post coming up about this very thing. We do what we can!

  3. I can understand your point of view really.It is hard to survive diabetes because the food cravings kill you...there are merits and downside of diabetic police.

  4. With unhealthy eating habits, and stressful life, it's not impossible for us to have diabetes. My uncle (who's actually a cop), has diabetes for almost three years now. His son is now currently training to join the force, so he's advising him to do regular exercises, and live a healthy lifestyle, in order for him to avoid having to battle with diabetes when he gets older.

  5. I know exactly what you're talking about. I've been diabetic for 39 years and yes it does mean you know your body and the illness pretty well. I was at an appointment and was having a low blood sugar. I had my breakfast with me and was eating half a bagel, the medical assistance told me I shouldn't be eating so many carbs. HELLO! I'm having a low blood sugar and you're not a nutritionist or a doctor! The truth is people have good intentions but don't know what the heck they are talking about...the advise they give you may have been OK 20 years ago but not today. People don't realize diabetes is a disease that is ever present in your life 24/7, you don't get time off from it. "DP you can cheat and correct... guess your medical school didn't teach you that." The only advise I can give to you is to announce politely at the beginning of the meal your intention to eat something that is not on the prison menu to avoid the shocked looks. "I feel like a piece of cheesecake?" You'll probably be asked, "can you eat that?" An you can answer "yes." You'll either have the opportunity to dazzle them with all you diabetic knowledge or you'll be able to eat your desert in piece. Every policy department has to be policed themselves by internal affairs.